Our areas of expertise at a glance

Climate protection and the resilience of people and ecosystems

Climate change is scientifically proven, and global warming has accelerated sharply.  With the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which includes scientists from 195 countries, global warming and the increase in extreme weather events associated with human-induced climate change are evidenced. Significant vulnerability of millions of people and many ecosystems has been scientifically demonstrated. Our projects contribute to climate protection and strengthen the resilience of people and ecosystems that are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

Environmental and resource management to support the restoration of valuable ecosystems

Intact, high-performing ecosystems support protection against flooding and soil erosion, climate regulation, carbon storage, and provide humans with a variety of goods, such as food, drinking water, fuel and building materials, pharmaceuticals, and recreational spaces. The conservation and restoration of ecosystems, their biodiversity and the resulting services, especially for agriculture, food security and income of marginal and vulnerable populations are therefore of great importance to ensure human well-being for future generations. We support projects that develop options for action to protect the environment and resources and restore valuable ecosystems, conserve biodiversity and put it at a sustainable value for people.

Infrastructure improvement to ensure a liveable future

The importance of infrastructure is often only recognized when it is lacking. After all, it makes economic recovery possible and is thus an important basis for better living conditions. Urban and traffic planning and an efficient transportation system form the backbone of a modern economy. It enables individuals to get to work, to educational and healthcare facilities, and to access rural areas, making cities internationally competitive.  With our projects to improve infrastructure, we are working for a future worth living.  We create spaces and structures for development and quality of life in a way that conserves resources. Designing living spaces is our contribution to the sustainable development of a modern and environmentally aware society.

Integrated management of water resources

No life without water. Water resources are declining worldwide. The causes are climate change and droughts in many parts of the world, now even in Central Europe, but also man-made overexploitation of water resources. We support projects for the integrated management of water resources and for access to safe and affordable drinking water for all people.

Renewable energies and energy efficiency

Dynamic development requires energy that is ecologically sustainable and available where it is needed - in private households as well as in agriculture, manufacturing and the service sector. We support projects and advise customers on the promotion of renewable energies and energy efficiency to enable stable energy use adapted to the location and demand.

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