Master plan of urban development of the Grand Marrakech

  • Mission:  Realization of the master plan of urban development of the metropolitan area of the Big Marrakech
  • Client: Ministry of National Territory Planning, Urbanism, Housing and Urban Policy
  • Partner: ISA Internationales Stadtbauatelier GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Implementation period: 2017–2021

The objective of the Urban Development Master Plan (SDAU) is to identify the current infrastructural constraints and related economic, environmental and social challenges and to make strategic choices for the development and planning of the Marrakech metropolitan area for the next 30 years in order to give a strong image and a clear functional concept to the different sectoral action plans. The sustainable development of Greater Marrakech will be ensured through balanced planning between urban expansion, transportation routes, infrastructure services, economic and agricultural activities, and the protection of natural and historical sites and cultural heritage. 

A total of 11 project fiches and their financing have been elaborated in detail in the following areas: Urban development, mobility, housing, culture and heritage, economy, tourism, equipment, infrastructure, environment and green spaces. The elaboration of the SDAU of the metropolitan area of Marrakech followed a participatory approach with the close involvement of its 25 communes, in addition to a complete interdisciplinary expertise and planning.

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