Strengthening climate resilience through the governance of natural resources in Tunisia

  • Mission: Project development and preparation
  • Clients: GIZ
  • Implementation period: 10/2022-04/2023

IPROconsult Morocco was significantly engaged in the development and preparation of the project "Strengthening Climate Resilience through Natural Resources Management", which GIZ is implementing with the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources in Tunisia. 

The four-year project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) with the aim of anchoring the protection of water resources, soil and vegetation in the Tunisian authorities concerned through land use as a basic requirement for a balanced water budget, promoting decentralized approaches to improve the use of "green" water (water close to the surface and directly available to plants); to promote the associated employment and income improvement of the rural population and thus increase their climate resilience through sustainable agricultural production that protects water and soil. 

The elaborated project concept contributes to the implementation of the Tunisian Agenda 2030, the National Carbon Neutrality and Climate Resilience Strategy 2050 and the Strategic Framework for Water and Soil Policies. In addition, it is considered an important contribution to the achievement of the Tunisian National determined contribution (NDC) combating climate change.

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