Introduction of a risk management system to protect against erosion

  • Mission: Risk management system and innovative approaches to involve the rural population in a new climate smart value chain to combat road erosion and contribute to job and income creation.
  • Funding: BMZ - Motorway Company of Morocco (ADM) - IPROconsult GmbH
  • Partner: Société des autoroutes du Maroc (ADM), GIZ
  • Implementation period: 2022 - 2024

With ADM and GIZ Morocco, IPROconsult has formed a public-private partnership to deepen the understanding of climate change adaptation and risk management for highway infrastructure through integration and for the benefit of the adjacent rural population. IPROconsult thereby promotes the development and establishment of a risk management system to identify catchment areas along highways affected by soil erosion and vulnerable to extreme rainfall. Due to the deteriorating climatic conditions in Morocco, the intensity of heavy rainfall is expected to increase. 

The risk of erosion is increasing sharply. New planning tools are needed to enable reproducible assessment and prediction of soil erosion risks in watersheds. The risk management system includes a standardized method for assessing flood, heavy rainfall, and soil erosion risks, demonstration of pilot adaptation measures in vulnerable areas, and development of a pilot monitoring and early warning system for highways and their catchments.

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