We are working to create a liveable future

IPROconsult Morocco SARL is a limited liability company under Moroccan law and a sister company of IPROconsult GmbH Dresden. Established in 2015 in Rabat-Temara, the company has extensive experience in the consultation, planning, execution and evaluation of international cooperation projects in Morocco, other Maghreb countries and West Africa in the area of climate, environmental protection and resource conservation, infrastructure, water, renewable energies and energy efficiency.

IPROconsult Morocco is a member of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Morocco.

Headquartered inRabat-TémaraMorocco
created in2015
Important contribution to9 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)of the Agenda 2030
Sister company ofIPROconsult GmbHGermany
Member of theGerman Chamber of Commerce and Industryof Morocco (AHK)

What we are about

Here at IPROconsult Morocco, we are working to create a liveable future. To do this, we provide professional and methodical consultancy services for international cooperation projects in Morocco and other African countries. With our work, we contribute to a dynamic development cooperation where people are the focus. We create spaces and structures for socially inclusive and environmentally friendly development and quality of life that help to protect the environment and save resources. Behind every project is a vision of development for the people involved, their access to resources and the protection of their environment.

This is how we ensure that our projects achieve the best possible results with regards to socially inclusive growth, prosperity, sustainability and environmentally friendly activities, while also making sure that they have a long-term and measurable impact on the lives of people and their living environment.

With our capacity development  consulting and methods, we strengthen the operational capacities of people, organisations and companies so that they are able to use resources efficiently and achieve their goals in a sustainable way. Thanks to this, we have been able to make significant contributions to the achievement of the 17 goals listed in the UN’s Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.

Our services

We offer innovative approaches in the areas of environmental and resource management, climate risk management, sustainable land use, resilient cities and infrastructures and new solutions for energy efficiency.

Our capacity development activities encourage people, organisations and companies to mobilise, adapt and expand their skills in order to shape their development in a sustainable way and adapt to changing conditions. We help them to identify the impediments to their development, come up with solution strategies and implement them successfully. 

We support the active commitment of our parent company, IPROconsult Dresden, which is based in Germany, to invest in innovative research and development projects and to implement practical solutions in our joint projects. Focal points here include the development of new digital smart services for environmental and construction planning and for risk management to protect against erosion and periods of heavy rains. With regards to energy efficiency and renewable energies, we are currently working on the planning and construction of green buildings  and the development of a new, high-temperature, long-term thermal energy storage system as an innovative solution for decentralised heat and energy supplies in the future.

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