Tropical greenhouse of exhibition of the botanical garden of Rabat

  • Mission: Planning and complete project management
  • Client: National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA)
  • Implementation period: 2014

INRA launched a consultation for the realization of a tropical greenhouse of approximately 500 m² with an exhibition place of 150 m² in the botanical garden of Rabat. The project was an innovative response to climatic, technical and educational requirements. The architectural challenge was to revisit the concept of the greenhouse as an emblem by composing with traditional and resolutely modern architecture.

Throughout the course, visitors are made aware on the one hand of tropical flora but also of the notions of renewable energy and passive construction. These themes are recognizable not only in the exhibition but also in the architecture itself, for example the use of photovoltaic panels on the dome of the greenhouse or tempering plants on the pergola.

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